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Fracture Treatment in Royal Oak, MI - Christopher Minnock MD*Call to schedule an appointment more urgently for fractures and recent sports injuries. Dr. Minnock would like to see you within 0-3 days of injury if possible.

Different types of fractures occur at different ages as we grow. These fractures often can occur through the growth plate. Treatment is often different for these injuries than similar injuries in adults. In particular, more injuries in children can be treated non-operatively with a well-applied and well-molded cast than in adults. This allows the fracture to heal in good alignment without surgery. Some fractures, especially very displaced or shifted fractures benefit from surgery to realign the bones for healing though. Dr. Minnock treats fractures regularly in kids from infants to young adults in their 20’s. Often times, patients with fractures that extend into the growth plate will need to follow up for a few months to a year to make sure that the bone is still growing appropriately. With this expertise, Dr. Minnock is also able to treat these fractures, with or without surgery, and get patients back to sports and activities sooner than if the fracture was managed by an adult orthopedic surgeon who doesn’t have as much experience with these fractures for children and adolescents. Many patients are referred from Emergency Departments, Urgent Cares, adult orthopedic and pediatrician’s offices in the greater Detroit area for management of these injuries.

Dr. Minnock’s office also offers waterproof casting. This makes the time in the cast more tolerable and makes for less worrying when around water. Waterproof casts can be fully submerged and get wet in a shower, bath, pool or lake while the fracture heals.

A traditional (non-waterproof) cast has to be changed when it gets wet, otherwise mold and bacteria can infect the skin underneath when it does not dry. Some fractures need traditional casts though, especially casts after surgery and if the fracture has to be reduced (pushed on) in the Emergency Room setting.

Dr. Minnock approaches each patient individually. His goal is to minimize time in a cast and get patient back to activities and sports as soon as it is safe to do so.

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